About Us

Holy Bagel Cafe is located in the city raanana in hachoza 158.  

The ambience is inviting and accommodates families, couples as well businesses from around the area.

Holy Bagel prides itself in serving the local neighborhoods as well as other towns in the area; Maccabim, Reut, Hashmonahim, Nof-Ayalon, Shoham, Lod/Ramle and more.

Holy Bagel offers variety of bagels; plain, sesame, onion, bran raisin w/cinnamon and more.

Holy Bagel offers variety of sandwiches; tuna salas, egg salad, variety of cream cheese spreads and more.

We have a special breakfast menu. Our meals include  Lasagna, quiches, smoked salmon and more.

Holy Bagel has homemade Coffee from special selected Coffee beans.

The chain excels in customer service, excellence public relations and delicious quality food.